Being a photographer, I collect boxes upon boxes of printed images. I keep the 4 x 6 childhood photos under my bed and I like to keep my favorites close by to look through when I have a spare moment. I believe everyone should enjoy the luxury of prints. I offer complimentary prints with every wedding package. They are 5 x 5 and printed on thick archival paper. These 25 prints are a gift of gratitude, but we can certainly order more if you would like. 

I also collect photography books of not only my favorite photographers, but books of my photographs. Flipping through the pages and holding a unique book in my hand of personal photos will always be more special than scrolling through posts of Facebook... 

Albums are a beautiful way to tell the story of your day. These books will last a lifetime and can be passed down your family for generations. They are a truly special thing to have.

They are designed in house by me, so every album is unique—not one is the same. I work with my clients on the selection and layout of images. 

Your photographs are hand crafted from start to finish, printed on fine art fuji paper which are hand assembled and custom designed just for you. You can choose from a variety of leather or cloth covers. They are hand bound and lay flat so you will not see gutters or splits between the pages. 

They feature true layflat binding, use vivid and bold archival inks matte paper, are hardcover and are presented in a protective box.

Albums start at $800. Please get in touch if you would like to see some in the flesh.